Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Load Size Price
1.5m3 seasoned hardwood logs £165.00
3m3 seasoned hardwood logs £300.00


Small Net of Hardwood Logs £4.75 (per bag)
 Small Net of Softwood Logs  £3.75 (per bag)

Seasoned Softwood Logs

Quantity Price
1.5m3 softwood logs £145.00
3m3 softwood logs £270.00
Hotmax Briquettes £5.75 (per bag)


Coal, kindling & firelighters

Traditional house coal (25kg) £9.50
Phurnacite £13.50
Anthracite (25kg) £12.75
Taybrite smokeless fuel (25kg) £12.00
Kindling £3.50
Firelighters (Flamers) £2.50

* Unseasoned (green) hardwood logs available at a discounted rate if you want to store them yourself to season.

* 1 cubic metre = a level pickup load
1 cubic metre is approx 290 logs (cut to 10″ length)
* 1 tonne dumpy bags are only 0.55 cubic metres

Minimum of £50.00 order for free delivery.

Larger load sizes are available, please contact us for more information.

All prices include VAT at 5% as it is domestic fuel