Hardwood Logs

The premium firewood. Hardwood logs are ideal for any fire giving a long, steady heat output.

Softwood Logs

Softwood burns quicker than hardwood, and are best suited to stoves as they may spark.

Kiln Dried Logs

Lower moisture content (less than 20%)

Hotmax (20kg)

Hotmax burns extremely hot, ideal for getting a fire up to temperature and giving a good bed, before adding logs, coal or fuel sticks/blocks. They are also extremely easy to light, making a cost effective replacement for kindling. Super value made from 100% recycled wood.


Our kindling is very dry for an easy light, packed neatly into nets.

Traditional & Premium House Coal (25kg)

For use on open fires, premium house coal contains bigger pieces for a longer burn on larger fires.

Anthracite (25kg)

Anthracite is a very clean burning, natural somkeless fuel suitable for room heaters and cookers, i.e. Rayburn, AGA, Charnwood, Esse and Stanley.

Taybrite (25kg)

Taybrite is a smokeless fuel, suitable for multi-fuel stoves, boilers and room heaters.

Phurnacite (25kg)

With exceptional heat output – in the right conditions Phurnacite will keep giving out usable heat for up to 18 hours.  Manufactured in the UK for over 50 years, Phurnacite remains the country’s first choice of high performance smokeless fuel.