Seasoned Hardwood Logs

MSM Firewood supply and deliver seasoned hardwood logs, the perfect choice of firewood. All wood is sourced locally from sustainable, well managed woodlands in the south west of England.

Hardwood and softwood fire logs

All our hardwood logs are a mixture of mainly Beech, Birch, Ash and Oak.

Softwood logs, briquettes, kindling, coal & firelighters are also available from MSM Firewood and delivery is free within 10 miles of Henley, near Langport, Somerset.


Firewood should always be seasoned before use. Our firewood is cut and split into either 10”, 12” 15″ or 18” lengths at the beginning of the year and then stacked in large 1cubic metre and 1.5 cubic metre net bags with the tops covered.

This ensures that the rain is kept off but still lets the sun and wind maximise the seasoning of the logs over the summer. Once seasoned the logs are moved inside, to ensure they stay dry for the winter months.

Most moisture loss is through the ends of the logs which is why we do not leave the timber in the stack until winter as many companies do, as it will not be seasoned enough to burn efficiently. A firewood log that is will seasoned and fully air dry will have cracks and splits across the grain and the bark will come off easily.


Moisture Content

For logs to burn well they need to be seasoned until the moisture content is down to a minimum of 30% (some fresh cut timber is as much as 60%). Otherwise much of the energy produced from the burning log will be used to convert the water in the logs into steam rather than producing heat for your home. Not only this but if the moisture content is not below 30% it will cause a build up of creosote in your chimney.

All our hardwood and softwood logs have an average moisture content of 20-25% and our kiln dried logs have an average moisture content under 20%.

Log Size

We cut our logs to 10″, 12″, 15″or 18″ (25cm, 30cm, 38cm or 45cm) lengths and keep them separate so customers can choose the size of log they require for their fire. All logs that have a larger diameter than 10-15cm are split.

Why Burn Wood?

Because the only carbon dioxide that is given off when burning wood is that which it has taken while it was growing, it is classed as carbon neutral fuel, and once a tree dies and rots, this carbon dioxide is released anyway. Where as the carbon dioxide from a fossil fuel is adding extra to the atmosphere instead of it being locked under the ground.